CSC270 — Tutorials

Tutorial room assignments

Which tutorial you attend is determined by the seventh digit of your student number. For example, if your student number is 991078472, the seventh digit is 4. Please do not attend a different tutorial without prior consent of the course instructor.

7th SID digitRoomTeaching assistant
0, 1, 3MP102Niloofar Arshadi
2, 8, 9MP118Frank van Bussel
4, 5MP134Tianhan Wang
6, 7LM157Yuan An

Due to inevitable withdrawals and late enrolments in the first few weeks of class, the above scheme is subject to change.

Another TA you will encounter from time to time is Iluju Kiringa. He does not hold tutorials but will be involved in other aspects of the course (grading, office hours, newsgroup contact).

Tutorial notes

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