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Kaliningrad Zoo
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a streetcar near the main square typical telephone booth macska

macska one of the city's many stray dogs This is the closest we stayed at.

Győző in our dormitory accommodations Edita and Michael sample the local ale Marx by night

Carlo and Ankie sample some vodka Győző by one of th..quitous kvass trucks statue of Lenin at the main square

statue of Peter the ..ide a naval building statue of Peter the ..ide a naval building delicious Russian food

delicious Russian food The restaurant thoug..s two bunnies to pet one of the city's many fine parks

Oleg and Győző out..e the Internet café This building is act..etter condition than A family plays in a park

The sidewalks frequently lack pavement outside our dormitory accommodation Kaliningrad market

Kaliningrad market Kaliningrad market bus stop on a disheveled street

rickety bridge over hole in the street an odd underground entrance Edita gets her bearings

typical Soviet architecture women selling vegeta..ear a streetcar stop The label reads, "St.. alcohol by volume."

Sign reads, "3½ John Malkovitch. unfinished from the 60s/70s unfinished from the 60s/70s

bridge on the Moscow.. the Krämer bridge) Ruins of the Schiede bridge Holz bridge

Honig bridge Russian sailors pose..omb of Immanuel Kant Cathedral on Kneiphof

Honig bridge Cathedral on Kneiphof one of the few remai..dings in good repair

view from under the ..idge across Kneiphof bridge on the Moscow..y the Grüne bridge) Kaliningrad's main train station
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