photos:Luebeck 2004-08


courtyard in Lübeck Győző and Tristan ..courtyard at Lübeck Ludger, Marianna, Gy.. down a narrow alley

alley lantern Ludger poses in front of a very low alley street in Lübeck

street in Lübeck Jewish school street

street sign for Höl..aße ("Hell Street") Marianna, Edita, Joa..ző by the cathedral Heinrich III at the cathedral

Heinrich III by the cathedral Lübeck Tor group outside the city gate

Győző munches an a..side the Lübeck Tor Carlo outside the Lübeck Tor historical street in Lübeck

Natasha plays piano in a church Natasha joins Győz..a". Carlo looks on. Lübeck's main square

Marianna at Lübeck's main square group shot at Lübeck's main square ornate carving at the Marienkirche

stained glass window in the Marienkirche clock and calendar at the Marienkirche the bell of the Mari.. during World War II
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