Kaiserschmarrn Kaiserschmarrn Zwiebelkuchen

Zwiebelkuchen roast chicken with p.. wild and white rice Thanksgiving 2011, 24 November 2011

Sauerbraten with potatoes and broccoli chicken cordon bleu ..ckwheat and broccoli rye bread

rye bread rakott krumpli rakott krumpli

millet Latvian rye bread Latvian rye bread

vichyssoise kutia chicken and mushroom pie

millet banana bread Thai pineapple chick.. wild rice, and peas pork goulash with sauerkraut

pan-fried goose brea..l and roast potatoes glazed oxtails with ..ed potatoes and peas baked penne

solyanka mimosa mimosa

teriyaki chicken wit..and blanched cabbage grízsmarni hummus, toasted pita..oney-roasted almonds

mackerel chowder, sa..d raspberry smoothie duck in plum sauce w.. white and wild rice chowder with matzo

eggplant rolls chicken gizzards with rice steak and white beans

Königsberger Klopse nachos chicken korma
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