Date:Mon 26 Jul 1993 13:39
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Aardvarkin asks if he may have one whip and one long sword...that is only
AFTER every one else confirms that they do not want or need one.

the theif isnt proficient in either of these weapons....but you NEVER know
when they can come to good use.

hmmm....if you guys are gonna leave anything behind, please let me take it...i
might be able to sell it...cuz i need the cash for something...:)

hmmmm....<softly so the slaver wont hear>....are you guys gonna keep to your
word and let the slaver go after you get all your info?...HA HA...what would
be REAL funnee is if we keep him alive, and sell him to the slavers as a slave


hmmmm...just a thot...say...i dont think i have a mount...or do i....what is
that leaders mount like?...or has someone already placed dibs on it?

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