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The man seems reluctant and shaky when you first begin interrogating him, but
it gets a bit better as he goes on.

"My name is Foreg. I've been travelling with Claude, our leader, for around
six months now. We simply travel around the country, taking prisoners and
selling them as slaves and gladiators." The slaver motions towards Ivan.
"Pretty fine warrior. He fetched us twenty gold crowns. Not bad for an

Carideth steps forwards and demands who Foreg answers to. "Well, Claude is the
leader of our particular squadron," begins the prisoiner. "You'll find all the
slavers in this area to be loosely organized. I have no idea if there is any
real leader. Claude may know, but as we can see, he's in no condition to tell
us. I really doubt he'd tell you even if he knew."

"And why do you mistreat your animals so?" growls the ranger.

The man stares blankly at the party and curses. "They're just animals, man.
Why do you place so much value in the well-being of a lowly draft horse?"
Foreg is truly confused by Carideth's question.

"Please believe me, I have no idea where that guy - I think it was Gorn - took
your mage. Honestly. It's likely that he may be returning to Htron to meet up
with another squadron, but I honestly don't know where he'd be taking him.
Another man escaped, didn't he? Or did you kill all but these three?" Foreg
grumbles in discontent. "No, forget I asked that.. it's not important. Is
there anything else you require?"

My, that seemed easy. He sure was cooperative..

As for other things, I'd still like to know who's guarding the ring, and
whether or not you will strip Claude of his three gold crowns, his scimitar,
his dagger, and his metal necklace. 

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