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Date:Wed 28 Jul 1993 9:37
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As the rest of you watch in curiosity, Carideth and Borack begin hauling the
conscious slaver behind a bush. The mage withdraws something from his belt - a
greyish powder, and sprinkles it on the prisoner while tracing strange
patterns on his forehead. You can hear a few words mumbled, and then the
process is repeated on Carideth's longswords. The ranger turns to face the
prisoner and says in a powerful but quiet voice, "You are now sealed by our
magic. If you should ever return to the life of a slaver, these swords shall
appear and strike you dead." You can see the sword waver and suddenly droop a
bit towards the terrified captive, but Carideth steadies it and nods

"You.. you.. You never said you were going to bewitch me!" cries the man.
"Traitorous dogs! I'll get you for this!!" He begins screaming swears and
calling out to his friends as he runs as fast as his legs can carry him
towards the road.

Meanwhile, Carideth and Borack return with mixed reactions, unsure whether or
not it wholly had the effect they desired. Dusting of his hands, Borack smiles
and says, "Well, at least it might have turned this person from the horrors of
being a slaver." Carideth nods. "Aye - another victory for the forces of good
- I hope."

Carideth blows the ash of his longswords (yes, it was ash and not some magical
powder, as you are all able to observe now) and starts carrying Claude towards
the road. The rest of you grab your possessions and follow him. When you reach
the road, you pause momentarily as Carideth lays the still body of the slaver
leader down on the road and affixes a note to his belt. All the animals seem
anxious to begin travelling again.

So, are you going to continue east down the road? 

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