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        I'm  assuming that everyone (except Aardvarkin)  will be retiring
    to their inn rooms for the night,  since there honestly isn't a whole
    lot  to do in the common room,  or anywhere else in the village,  for
    that matter.   You all enjoy a restful sleep on a soft bed, and awake
    to  the smell of sizzling bacon.    Eagerly, you don your apparel and
    make your way downstairs,  where you see Sol the warrior, situated at
    his central table,   greedily slurping  down  a plateful of eggs.

        "Oh,  I see you're here.   No need to pay for breakfast -  I  got
    tired  of waiting for you so I bought some myself.   You can  pay  me
    back  later. It's only four silvers,  anyway. I suppose you stayed in
    this place tonight, eh?  Well,  you'll get free breakfast.. just wave
    to  Kito..   like  so..." The fighter waves at a man in  a  white hat
    (apparantly    the  cook),  who  comes  over to  the  table.   "These
    fine  gentlemen  would  like  a  hearty     breakfast!    After  all,
    they're  going   exploring  in   your  famous   little   cave!"    he
    chuckles   as  he slaps  the  man  on  the back,  nearly knocking him

        "Yes,  sir, right away,  sir," squeaks the cook,  and runs off to
    the kitchen to prepare your meal.

        "Now  then, let's have a look at yourselves.   A  band  of  young
    adventurers,  eh? What're your names?" inquires  Sol.   You  politely
    introduce  yourselves as the warrior listens intently.  You are  just
    about to mention that there is one more person in your party when  in
    he  walks-  dried   mud  still  clinging  to  his  skin  and   armor.
    Aardvarkin   smiles  a toothy grin and pulls up a stool next  to  the
    congregation,  slapping down a yellowish rectangular object wraped in
    papyrus  on  the  table.  Extending  an   unclean  hand,   the  thief
    informally   introduces  himself  and  then suggests  that we  get  a
    move on  soon.   Sol  wholeheartedly  agrees.  "I assume  you'll want
    to replenish your supplies,   eh? You'll find a great deal  of useful
    goods in this village here..  I'll wait  by  the  stable until you're
    done.  Don't be too long!" Placing  huge  hands  on  your  backs,  he
    chuckles and pushes you towards the exit, then smiles and waves as he
    turns  back towards the table,   where he  begins  shoveling  in  any
    leftover food you may have left on your plates.

        Smiling  at the fighter's oddly humorous behavior,  you  organize
    yourselves and begin seeing to the liquidation of the extra items you
    have.   Aardwin's Armoury is closed today, according to a sign in the
    window, but the Derkatch Armoury is open, and they offer you one gold
    crown  for the dagger,  ten gold crowns for the scimitar,  nine  gold
    crowns each for the three longswords,  and two silver pieces each for
    the  two whips.   They also offer  you  two  silver  pieces  for  the
    necklace,  as they would like to melt it down for an arrowhead. There
    doesn't  seem to be anywhere  else  to  sell  the  necklace  in  this
    village, anyway.

        As  you are making change,  the armourer notices that some of the
    silver  coins you have (notably the 76 you took from the slavers)  is
    in  a foreign currency.  He explains to you that these coins are only
    half  value here,  since they are from lands far to the north. Seeing
    your  disappointment, he offers to take them off your hands for  you,
    paying in full the 50% exchange rate.  If you so desire, you can give
    him the 76 foreign silver pieces and receive 38 in standard  currency
    in  return. The armourer assures you that they  are  usable  anywhere
    within  Cyrene. The coins he has look in every respect  identical  to
    the  coins you've known/been using all your lives.  If you doubt him,
    you're  welcome to ask anyone else in the village,  and I assure  you
    they will say the same thing, so don't. :)

        Should  you decide to sell everything,  including exchanging  the
    foreign coins, and also including the three gold crowns you took from
    the  slaver leader,  you will have a total of 41 gold crowns  and  44
    silver  pieces, or roughly 7 cold crowns and 5  silver  pieces  each.
    That  would leave a remainder of four silver pieces,  which you could
    use to pay for Sol's breakfast, as promised.

        And  if you wish to go shopping,  all of the  provisionary  shops
    will have standard items at standard prices (i.e.  anything listed in
    the  PH equipment lists under Clothing,  Household Provisioning,  and
    Miscellaneous   Equipment at the  given  prices).  You've  only  been
    travelling  for about two days so you needn't buy new rations  unless
    you  want to.  Please let me know if you're  buying   anything.   The
    alchemist   is   rather   more   like    a  herbalist,   and   seeing
    Aardvarkin,  she offers a discount price of one silver  piece  for  a
    pound  of  lye  soap.   The  armoury  has  one   suit   of  man-sized
    chainmail,  and a few  axes  and  various  swords,  all  of excellent

        Very important: I need to know, in your next message, which items
    you are selling,  which items you are keeping, whether or not you are
    trading  in the silver pieces,  whether or not you buy anything  from
    the shops.  That all has to be in your next message or I'll make some
    assumptions and then proceed you back to the inn to meet up with Sol.
    Please  keep  in  mind  that  other  characters  may  have  differing
    opinions,  so when phrasing your response to this,  go  through  each
    item  individually. I'll let you use  Malcolm's  thingy  here  as  an

        "As  for the daggers,  swords, and whips, I obviously have no use
    for  them, and will have no qualms over whether or not they are  sold
    or kept.  If nobody in particular would like them, I say we sell them
    right  here. Unless Ivan would like to keep the necklace,  I  say  we
    sell that,  too. And I think trading in these silver coins might be a
    good  idea. I'd feel  alot  more  comfortable  having  my  assets  in
    currency I know for a fact I can use."

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