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Date:Sat 14 Aug 1993 14:32
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In a message dated Sat 14 Aug 93  4:13, Carideth wrote:

 C> shame on ye both... proper honor is always a must in a fight... mercy
 C> is often the best way to win a battle... and aard.. if u think your
 C> going to use poison... u'll find i dont go for all..

<sigh>... expect this from a ranger...<deep sigh>

look here Carideth... honor isnt such a bad thing... but when 99/100ths of the
world is composed of dishonorable people (and things) what use is it!  Mercy
may win a social battle... but certainly not physical!  And about poison, what
is wrong with it?  I find that finishing off a fool with a drop of deadly
toxin is a much more merciful than slicing of their hand, strinking him
unconcious, and leaving a note on his back!

ha ... i suppose we just dont think on the same staff sling!  ttyl!

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