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Date:Tue 24 Aug 1993 11:44
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I attempted to post a message with the "newly-registered DLGQWK offline
reader" but apparently it didn't ever get around to being processed. So here
is what happens:

           Ah,  interesting discussion here.  I'm glad you people are
       getting to know each other better.   However, there are always
       loopholes..   you can always say it's dishonourable  to  steal
       from the dead, or that it's honourable to backstab an ogre  if
       you  know for a fact that  there's  no  way   you  can  defeat
       him in hand-to-hand combat and that if  he   went   on  living
       he'd   destroy  hundreds  more  of  those   innocent    little
       villagers..   etc etc..  Carideth is beginning to remind me of
       a   cross  between  a certain Solamnic knight  and  a  certain
       illegitimate half-elf... :)

           But..   back to the story.   Malcolm cautiously pushes the
       door open,  muttering  a prayer to his god.  No sooner has the
       door been open just a crack than it flies open the rest of the
       way,  pushed  open by the mighty force  of  the  wind  rushing
       out.   Malcolm  stubles  forward,   and  another spider,  much
       bigger  than the one you just encounters,  leaps onto him  and
       sinks  its deadly  fangs  into  the  helpless  priest's  back.
       Malcolm  makes no action    other   than   to   sternly   say,
       "Someone   get   this gods-damned  spider off  of me!".    You
       can  see him struggling to push the attacking arachnid off  of
       him but it is clear that the spider outweighs him by far.

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