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Date:Sat 28 Aug 1993 19:04
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Hmmm, already one negative comment for the cat.  How can we be so sure that it
is guarding the chest... who knows, it may be a treasure itself.  If nobody
else wishes, Aardvarkin will adopt the cat.  Assuming everything in the
previous message doesnt muck up any bonds already tied between us (aard and
the kat).

hmmmm, i want to dissolve the soap in the water to make a blinding liquid.  if
this soap is REALLY lye soap, it should work... and strong alkaline substance
splashed onto the eyes of a normal person should be able to blind him/her for
quite a while... if the water isnt a good milky white (or yellow or whatever
the soap color is) then ill put it some more, except this time ill flake it
off with my dagger.  

question to greenbolt.... what can a cat do to us?  if it is hostile, we can
easily slam the lid back shut.  besides, ill be the one who takes all the
damage since i want to ovserve it the most.  

question to all.... sorry, this has nothing to do with the current situation,
but can somebody tell me the chorological placing of the dark elf, avatar, and
icewind dale trilogy compared to each other?  I have reason to believe the
icewind dale comes AFTER the dark elf, but what about the avatar?

ok, back to the game... we should try to fix mr cleric up here.  There has to
be a way.  To lug him all the way back to town would be such a loss.  If i may
take the risk in saying, i believe that we should continue adventuring.  
Spiders only paralyze their victims with their posion.  thus once the poison
works into malcoms system... he will be normal again, and in fact, become more
resisliant to the venom.  This may take a few days.  but i have the feeling
that we neednt go back to the town.  Why else would malcom have said to get
his pack unless he wanted to will it to each of us in his last dying gasps. 
But i think that there is somehting in the sack that can help him that we dont
know about.  we should try to arouse him (you know what  i mean!) and try to
find out what he wants( you know what i mean here too!)

your not-really-wanting-to-go-back-to-twon-thief,

Aardwin the Aardvarkin.

Sage's Desk AD&D