bah dumb bugs!

Date:Sun 29 Aug 1993 11:51
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Aardvarkin sighs.

"Stupid cat... think i'm not worth a yarn eh?"

Aardvarkin gives the cat the finger, spits in its general direction and jumps
when Malcom screams.

Aard thinks it is highly unlikely that Malcom would do delirious from the
poison.  But the theif submits to going up to the surface...

"Let's do this as quick as possible!"

As for the cat, Aard thinks it is magical (no doubt now) and that it probably
purrfurrs lawful or neutral aligned people.  

"Guess I was just too FREE for it."

of course, it could be his charisma.

"Greenbolt yah wimp, that cat couldnt hurt a dung beetle!"

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