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Date:Wed 8 Sep 1993 21:37
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Carideth makes a pretext of mulling over the gnomes words.  "My apologies good
gnome, it may be as you say... the deal of which you speak may not have been
properly told to all of the current genreation... <no lies... we never had it
told..properly or not!>.  We did come to help root out the evils in the
complex here... <he makes a hand motion to ivan to wait> and we be not evil
oursleves, butrather tools for goodness.  I am known as Carideth, a ranger
following the tenements of Mielikki and an skilled bladesman against
instrumeXor79W":,Z^U23t#vWFxE,}p'TE>gz# runts of evil.  My companions, while
varied in their backgrounds and beliC3Vcefs, share my dedication for good.  wT


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