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Date:Sun 12 Sep 1993 23:19
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i suggest we implemtn aard's suggestion.. < amod of the one i used on the
chesst..hmm....SHOULD it not work - like most other plans so far, ill try
taking the key out w. my sword, if the blade becomes damaged, ill return to no
quircks, acccompanoed by whoever will come.. and take my spare blade... then
return... ill drink out of the pool the gnome orignially drank out of...
forget the letter...that's specific.. =:)

Carideth stops and mutters to the other party members, : The gnoms won't leave
except thru the door... but they entered thru it.. why dont we haead back
along the passages and try to come around from the other side? <assuming the
paths reconnect...we cant tell for sure on the map... but we can always retunr
if stopped...


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