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Date:Mon 20 Sep 1993 17:38
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OK, everyone stays with Ivan while he valiantly decides to take a drink 
from the steaming pool. Though he cannot see any liquid, Ivan decides to 
dip his hand in the pool to see what it feels like. Much to his 
surprise, he instantly pulls it out again reflexively. Whatever is in 
the pool is freezing cold.. but it appears to have burnt Ivan's hand 
very severly. He decides not to attempt to drink it for the time being.

Borack impatiently pulls Ivan away from his beloved pools and drags him 
and the rest of the party to the door, which he carefully opens. Beyond 
is a long passageway, whose east end ends in an arrow, like so:

 _| |__| |_____|X|__    ~ = door
|_   _________ _____>   X = you are here (in doorway)
  | |         ~                                      

The gnomes push everyone aside and ask that you come with them (though 
it is somehow apparent that they have no idea where to go). Carideth 
makes some sort of remark about being called prisoners, and the leader simply
barks, "Prisoners, honoured guests, whatever.. makes no difference to me. My
job is to make sure you get to King Juvid without escaping. Now, where are

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