Date:Mon 20 Sep 1993 20:19
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Ivan is rather frustrated that he must leave the pools, he was having fun!  He
wonders why no one else dared to drink out of them.

He says to Carideth, "You know, after I drank out of that far pool, I couldn't
talk.  But that second last one sure tasted good.  I sure am glad that I
didn't drink out of that last pool.  I could have been dead if I had just
drank the liquid. Anyways, the second last pool I drank from was great. 
 I think it's a pool of healing.  I can also talk now (you probably noticed). 
Well, I'll drink more if we ever go back.  Well, lets go kill something :). 
Oh, and for names, Forger's of Destiny is the best you've thought of so far,
but I still like Bloody Mess :)."

Ivan goes with the party along that hall, to where ever it is we're going.

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