errr wait....ME SECOND!!!!!

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Date:Mon 5 Jul 1993 21:31
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As Aardvarkin advances he suddenly stops in his tracks....

"what a goddam fool i am" whispers Aardvarkin to himself...." Im a bloody
thief ready to take on a possible learned fighter with a dagger...!"

But Aardvarkin merely smiles at this stupid situation...

"heh heh...No aint unequipt...."

Aardvarkin sheaths his dagger silently and draws his short sword
instead....quickly he treats his sword in the same manner as his dagger by
dousing it with mud....then he picks up another handful of mud in his left

"if the blade doesnt kill him....ill just shove this dirt down his throat lest
he scream...., but if heez a man, ill just blind the hell out of him by
smearing it in his eyes....heh heh..."

Aardvarkin resumes his previous stealth:
"If I can catch all the bloody bastards in the back...this otta be a flies on crap...heh heh....just as long as that ranger Carideth
keeps yelling out his bloody warcries...their attention otta be diverted to

Aardvarkin begins to drool again in the hopes of upcoming slaver blood.

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