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Date:Fri 16 Jul 1993 15:44
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In a message dated Fri 16 Jul 93 12:35, Ivan wrote:

 I> Assuming the leader is a lycanthrope or something, Ivan has an idea. 
 I> Perhaps since lycanthropes are ammune to our weapons, you and Ivan
 I> should attempt to (working together) to hold him and strangle him to
 I> death.  Or perhaps you and Ivan could beat some information or
 I> something out of him.  Basically what He's saying, is maybe an attempt
 I> to get the leader manually, without the aid of weapons could be
 I> successful.  We should be able to defeat him with two on one.

well.. lets give it 1 more round to attempt to kill him by weapons <unless i m
not given any attacks, in which case we go another> then implement your
plan... to be honest, Carideth is leery of physically contacting the leader
for fear of a nasty surprise...


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