for fine fetish felines?

Date:Sat 28 Aug 1993 12:21
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(ha, Aard jabs his chin up in vicotry as his alliteration has much more power)


first of all, Aardvarkin nearly barfs when he hears himself say that horrible
French word!  The theif will let that pass and hope the gods dont torture him
any more (s'il vous plait).

Aardvarkin winces at the sickening crunch of Carideths job on the spider

"awl-right Ranger!  ive got dibs on the fangs of that sucker!"

But the theif immediatly turns back to the kitty.  gently(as possible) picking
up the feline, he will set it outside the chest and say:

"Naeloth" (im not sure if thats spelt right)

if the cat is a hell cat or any magical cat made for servitude, "Naeloth"
should sway it to obey.

I will point to the rack and say.  "Bring me that dagger..."

does it obey?  does it even have the slightest flicker of intelligence in it?

1) then cat is definantly not normal, nothing NORMAL would have stayed alive
in a old rusty chest for an obviously long time.
2)Perhaps its an illusion.  and opening the chest triggered it

3)if it obeys me (hopefully) then ill ask it to help Malcom
 (i have to intention of going back up to the surface... There HAS to be a way
to fix the cleric up down here!)

4) if i dont get thru to the cat, then maybe Carideth can communicate with it
using his animal empathy.

5)If 4 happens to be, then ill just spend the rest of my time taking those
venom glands ELSE goto 6 (why does this look like a BASIC program?  :)   )

6)Ill feed it, maybe itll grow bigger, like into a (shudder) panther or
something worse...

or course 6 wont happen unless "Naeloth" works... and therefore is safe

hmmmm, ok, i dont CARE how long a cube of soap takes to dissolve.  I drop a
cube of lye soap into two flasks each.

then ill take the spider fangs

hmmmmm, I know this isnt any of the famous game-worlds, but i think "Naeloth"
should work if the cat is not of the Material Plane.... or maybe its one of
those small figurines!  like Guenhwyvar.... or like Canash (except hes a crow)

well, whatever happens, ill pet the cat and try to get on its good side, since
everyone dislikes-hates-loathes-abhors me anyway.... 

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