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Date:Sat 28 Aug 1993 11:43
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No apology necessary.. it is my fault for not mentioning it earlier. But
still, no big deal - you can still see in the dark, and that's all that

The spider makes no attempt to defend itself as Carideth begins severing its
appendages and puncturing its vital organs - it has apparantly given up its
struggle for life and has succumbed to your party's authority. A sickening
stench erupts from the body of the sliced arachnid. Carideth especially has
trouble getting the smell off of his longsword - no matter how much wiping and
cleaning he does, the lingering odour of spider innards still remains on the

"Nice going," says Ivan. "Now any enemy will be able to smell us from a mile
away.. Oh well, at least it's spider guts and not human blood.. that should
disgruntle some of the more ferocious dungeon-dwelling species..."

Carideth is about to reply to what seems like half an insult when Aardvarkin
comes between the two and suggests we turn our attention to the large iron
chests. Carideth clears away some of the webs and proceeds to drag the two
boxes towards the center of the room. Aardvarkin attempts to open the locks
and perhaps disarm any traps on the chests but after a few minutes gives up.
"It's just no use.. I can't open a lock that I can't see. Besides, they're so
rusted I doubt even a locksmith could get them to budge!"

Undaunted, the ranger takes an old, chipped axe hanging from the wall and
swings it at the lock of the larger chest. After several minutes, he begins to
see a noticable deterioration of the lock, and so, encouraged by his success,
begins hacking away once again until the lock breaks in two and falls to the
floor with a loud clatter. Carefully, Carideth inspects the chest for any sort
of traps, and the cautiosly lifts open the lid of the chest with the tip of
his sword. This proves to be quite an effort for the stalwart ranger, as the
hinges are rusted so badly it is nearly impossible to get them to open.
However, with a bit more physical exertion, the chest is opened, and, much to
your dismay, he reports that it is empty.

Oblivious to the curses and mutterings, the ranger instead turns his attention
to the second chest, whose lock he begins to destroy in much the same manner
as the first. However, after a few minutes of striking the ancient lock, the
axe blade splits in two. As Carideth returns to the weapons rack to search for
another tool which with to smash the lock, Aardvarkin kneels down to inspect
the chest. "Wait," he calls to Carideth. "You've loosened the bars on the
lock.. all it needs is to be greased a bit and it should pop open. Luckily, I
have just the thing.." Withdrawing a flask from his pack, he carefully pours a
small amount of its contents into the lock and on the bars on top. Then,
inserting a small metal rod inside, he pushes gently, and with a click, snaps
the lock open and tosses it to the floor. "Voila!" he cries triumphantly.

Carideth walks over and opens the chest in the same manner as before, this
time the job made easier with a little of Aardvarkin's lubricant from his
flask. Carideth and Borack walk over to inspect the contents, and are amazed
to find a small black cat sitting inside the chest, staring up at them
intently. The cat appears to be very much alive, as they can definetely see it
moving and blinking, and the rest of you can even hear a faint purring sound
emanating from the general direction of the chest. 

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