for the sake of salves and sanity

Date:Sun 29 Aug 1993 20:17
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Aardvarkin will keep a BIG eye out for malcom to make sure he doesnt hurt
himself physically, an eye out for Greenbolt to make sure he doesnt hurt
himself mentally, and an eye out for Carideth so that he doesnt hurt himself
sexually.... (6 hours of Kids in the Hall did this to me!)

Yeah, we should go up to the surface and get the healer healed.  but we should
do this fast... like in one message at the most or something... we are wasting
our precious keyboard input limits by typing uselessly...

so lets do this FAST, QUICK, SPEEDILY!!!!!

hup hup hup hup!
(oh dear, more Kids in the Hall agian)
       (I love the theme song!  ha ha ha )

uuurrrrrr, mr DM, have i taken the spider juice yet?  hmmmmm if not, please
let me, unless its against your religion or something...

hmmm, i think ill name it:  Cleric's Bane

ha ha ha ha ha!  Waitll we meet up with some evil-doing priests, like those
perverts that pass themselves off as orphanage deans!   Each time i attack
with a weapon coated with Cleric's Bane, ill make clucking noises like Giant
spiders scuttling over hard stone floors. hee hee    :)

hmmmmm, when we're up at the town, we should try to identify the cat.
If it is something evil, then i suggest we get rid of it (Medieval HUmanie
society or something).  

Hey cat, if you are evil, i spit in your general direction!

                                          aa                 .  
                                          \o/         \_________
                                            cc ~~~~~cc~

Aardwin the Aardvarkin.

Sage's Desk AD&D