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Date:Sun 5 Sep 1993 4:27
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 A> Wait!  Aard thinks this is VERY strange.  I suggest we go back out the
 A> hole and come back in.... does the ghost reappear?  If so, I suggest

wasted action....

 A> we go back out the hole and come back in again, but this time, we will
 A> do so with a set mind NOT to believe that the woman is actually there.
 A>  What happens?

See above..... (IMHO Mr. DM, *IMHO*!!!!!!!!!!) :)

 A> would do a thing like such in a rehearsed planned fashion.  The only
 A> explanation i can give if it is not an illusion is that the ghost is
 A> in alliance with these two and it is posted here to deter us from
 A> braving going any further.

So far, it hasn't worked..... :)

 A> our way.  Attracting monsters shouldnt be a worry, besides... theyre
 A> bound to find us anyway, what use is there in stealth and shadows?

<GASP!> And you a stealthy person!!  SHAME ON YOU!!! :)

 A> I also agree strongly with Greenbolt's frustration, altho -I- should
 A> have brought some action into it.  I can't believe that woman still
 A> breathes!  If only there wasnt any law!!!!!!

Thanx.  "Still breathes"??  Who said she DID????

 A> I say we go back to our furthest point and take the branch we didnt
 A> already check out eh?  Howz malcom doing?


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