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Date:Wed 8 Sep 1993 22:57
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Ivan reluctantly delays his action while Carideth speaks. The gnome simply
stands there, staring at the tall ranger with an undiscernable expression.
After waiting for at least half a minute with no response, Greenbolt and
Malcolm also introduce themselves and verify Carideth's claims. Still no

Ivan is about to go ahead with his plan of pouring perfume on the gnome when
he suddenly lifts his heads and says, "How can we be sure you can be trusted?"
He snaps his fingers twice, and the rest of the gnomes obediently line up
behind him. "Will you come with us peacefully?" From the tone of his voice, he
is obviously quite disappointed that he doesn't get to yell at you any more,
but at least you're getting somewhere without a conflict.

Yet again (is this the third or the fourth time?) that same gnome walks up to
the leader and tries to whisper something to him, but the leader angrily
brushes him away. This time, the subordinate gnome curses very loudly, and a
loud argument (between the leader and his soldier, of course) ensues. Soon all
the gnomes are caught up in this one big argument. It looks as if it may come
to blows when a few of you humbly (but very loudly) clear your throats.
Slowly, the gnomes begin diverting their attention back to you.

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