Researchers and industry professionals were invited to participate in GermEval 2015: LexSub, the first lexical substitution task for the German language.  The task was associated with the GSCL 2015 conference at the University of Duisburg-Essen, and took place as a workshop there on Tuesday, 29 September 2015.


Important announcements are posted here and on the GermEval 2015: LexSub mailing list, to which everyone is welcome to subscribe.

Important dates

23 January 2015Call for participation; availability of training data
1 July 2015Availability of test data
15 July 2015
Extended to 19 July 2015
Deadline for initial submission of papers and results
1 August 2015
Notification of acceptance and shared task results
15 August 2015Deadline for camera-ready papers
29 September 2015
GermEval 2015: Lexsub workshop at GSCL 2015

Organizing committee

To contact the organizing committee, please post to the GermEval 2015: LexSub mailing list, or for private communication e-mail Tristan Miller.